Salib Kasih Christian spiritual tourism

Tarutung city in North Tapanuli, North Sumatra, is known not only with Sisingamangaraja legend, the king of the Batak people that known as magic bullet and insensitive. However, the area that can reached about five hours from Medan by car is also synonymous with the Christian spiritual tourism. One of these is bukit Monumen Salib Kasih (Love Cross monument) in the hill Dolok Si Atas Barita.

Visitors who walk to the top of the hill will find a number of interesting objects. Along the way, there are a number of inscription reads verses of the Bible. This paragraph is written so that visitors are not bored and can read it while on approach, the God. Position this inscription also arranged in such a way. The high of trees are also making the air to more fresh and the area is cool. This condition will make the visitors more closely to love of Jesus.

In addition, a memories garden which called with Taman Kenangan appear on the road to the bukit Monumen Salib Kasih. At this park, visitors can leave their memory here. Each visitor who intends to leave souvenir stone inscription marked as personal names can be put here. This is why this place is called Taman Kenangan (Memories Garden) so that visitors can view them.

After passing through Taman Kenangan, we will get the bukit Monumen Salib Kasih. Originally the monument was built to remember the pastor Ingwer Ludwig Nommensen. He was a German missionaries, he has great services to spread Christianity in the Land of Batak, around 1860-an. At that time, the populations of this area are mostly still follow familiar animism.

The high of the Monument is quite high around 31 meters. Under the monument provided seating place for the congregation. The seating place can accommodate more than 600 of the churches. Usually, this place is crowded by many visitors who come to the church on the Sunday and Christmas. For the churches who want to pray more devout, the owner also provides 13 prayer rooms. Space of every room is 2 x 2 meters that everyone can use without any time restriction.

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