Taman Simalem is a wonderfull of Tourism Objek

Taman Simalem Resort in Merek, Karo District, North Sumatra, will be the spectacular tourism object that is expected to invite many traveler from inside and outside Indonesia. The Governor of north sumatra Syamsul Arifin got the opportunity to come and review the tourism object in Saturday (21 / 2) He said that he is very impressed with the beauty of natural rain forest in the this area.

Taman Simalem ( Simalem Garden) Resort is built starting in 2004, in cooperation with investors from Singapore. Area of 200 ha been entirely, the 140 ha of which is made for the forest. The remaining forest to plant culture, such as agro tourism farm, garden lime, eggplant and trees that produce fruit. From the remaining land is about three percent of the building was made as the various religious houses of worship, lodging, restaurants and meeting rooms.

To complete the facilities ramble, in the area of development is also planned to build a golf land with 9 holes, and the zoo train hanging. From the area that is in the Bukit Barisan mountain spine, the tourist can also enjoy the beautiful Lake Toba with the cold winds that blow.

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