Hot Springs

Lau Debuk-debuk

The Lau Debuk-debuk hot springs are one of the most popular attraction of Berastagi. The hot springs that most tourist visit is however not Lau Debuk-debuk, but the Gunung Semangat hot springs, which sloppily is also called Lau Debuk-debuk. The real Air Panas Lau Sidebuk-debuk has 5 pools with a maximum depth of 1,85 m. Every month on a certain day, a unique traditional Karonese ceremony/event takes place here called Erpangir Kulau


Pemandian alam Sibiru-biru is a bathing site along a relatively fast flowing river. The location is lush and there are a few stalls selling drinks and light food. The location is 1 km beyond Sibiru-biru. Air Panas Penen, 36 km from Medan, is a hot spring next to the road 500 m beyond the village of Penen. The bathing site is on the left hand side, opposite a coffee shop. The warm water contains some sulphur, the source of the hot water is app. 300 m behind the bathing site in a more natural setting, it is possible to walk there. Sampuran Putih is a very nice waterfall and sungai Seruwai is the same river as flows through Sibiru-biru and it is said to be easy to find.


Hot water flows out of the riverbank opposite teh accommodation. It is a nice place to sit and let the water flow over oneself. You can walk over through the river. It is only knee deep, if it has not been raining.
There is an approximately 10 m high waterfall, a three-hour trek from Tangkahan. A guide is recommended, the trek starts behind the accommodation.

Melas Harimo

Melas Harimo is an area between Payung and Guru Kenayan with several small hot springs. The water here contains no sulphur, and is not so clear because of a sand quarry up-stream. The area is rather nice though. In the afternoons many locals come here to take a bath. There are no facilities and the springs are natural.
There are also other hot springs in North Sumatera, such as: Danau Lintang with approximately 60 metres in diameter, and Pangururan.


There are several hot springs in the surroundings of Siborong-borong, but none with any facilities. Most are used as the local village bath. Besides hot springs there are also a few waterfalls and one volcano. Most of the site can be visited by following a route along small roads in the area southwest of Siborong-borong.

Air Soda Parbubu

This is a unique bathing site, as the warm water tastes like soda water. There is no one rather big pool with the fizzy soda water next to the roadside and overlooking rice fields.

Air Panas Panabungan

Air Panas Panabungan is considered to be the mother of all hot springs in Tarutung. the water is almost boiling and contains much sulphur. The pool where the water comes out of the ground is approximately 10x10 m and surrounded by rocks colored by sulphur. One meter from the pool is a small stream into which teh hot water enters. In this stream it is nice to take a bath. Air Panas Panabungan is sacred, as it is the home of the descendents of Boru Situmandi, i.e snakes. The snakes in this area are never disturbed or jilled. the sulphur can only be used for good purposes. The spirit of the hot spring has forbidden all collecting of sulphur for business reasons, except for members of the Hutabarat clan. It was said that there were members of other clan collect the sulphur, and they said if it was for medicinal use, but the reason as pure business. Then they left with the collected sulphur, they walked up-hill through the forest. When they talked about how much money they would make, the sulphur suddenly started to burn and they died. The spirit of teh hot spring punished them in this way. Until today nothing can grow where it happened. Wild boar and birds often die there.

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