North Sumatra General Information

North Sumatra lies at latitude l°N - 4°N, longitude 98°E - 100°E, and borders on the special region of Aceh on the north, the province of West Sumatra and Riau on the south, the Malacca straits on the east, and the Indian Ocean on the west. The total land area of North Sumatra covers an area of 71,680 sq km, with 10,256,027 inhabitants.

The province of North Sumatra is comprised of 11 regencies, 7 municipalities, and 3 administrative cities. The capital is Medan. It is the western gate of the Indonesian archipelago. It faces the Malaysian Peninsula, and is separated by the Malacca straits. Medan has developed a lot in the last several years. It also has a lot of historical remains which show how the tradisional life styles were maintained by previous generations.

The province of North Sumatra is rich in flora and fauna. The main exports are rubber, tea, palm oil, cocoa, coffee, and tobacco. The fame of Deli tobacco makes North Sumatra well-known in the world. Deli tobacco has been available ever since the Dutch colonial era. It is still exported to Europe and other countries. Some other crops which are also grown are tobacco, rubber, tea, coffee, cocoa, and coconut. North Sumatra is also famous for its many different kinds of delicious fruits; i.e., salak, rambutan, mangoes, mangosteens, langsat, durian, markisah, oranges, and watermelons.

North Sumatra is an exciting place to visit, especially, for those who really enjoy staying in villages. North Sumatra is predominantly covered by large forests, hilly areas, volcanoes, and some coastal areas with beautiful white sand. There are many tribes, different cultures, and languages, and as a result, there are many different kinds of interesting arts and crafts that can be found throughout the area.

Tourists can get to North Sumatra from various places. The best choices are to take a ferry from Penang to harbor of Belawan or to arrive by plane, getting off at Polonia airport in Medan. The transportation systems are quite good in both the cities and rural areas. It is suggested that tourists who would like to go to North Sumatra take transportation from Aceh, all the way to Jakarta going through Riau or West Sumatra. Moreover, the highways have recently been recently been repaired and you can board luxury buses which are air conditioned so you can enjoy your trip.

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