Taman Simalem is a wonderfull of Tourism Objek

Taman Simalem Resort in Merek, Karo District, North Sumatra, will be the spectacular tourism object that is expected to invite many traveler from inside and outside Indonesia. The Governor of north sumatra Syamsul Arifin got the opportunity to come and review the tourism object in Saturday (21 / 2) He said that he is very impressed with the beauty of natural rain forest in the this area.

Taman Simalem ( Simalem Garden) Resort is built starting in 2004, in cooperation with investors from Singapore. Area of 200 ha been entirely, the 140 ha of which is made for the forest. The remaining forest to plant culture, such as agro tourism farm, garden lime, eggplant and trees that produce fruit. From the remaining land is about three percent of the building was made as the various religious houses of worship, lodging, restaurants and meeting rooms.

To complete the facilities ramble, in the area of development is also planned to build a golf land with 9 holes, and the zoo train hanging. From the area that is in the Bukit Barisan mountain spine, the tourist can also enjoy the beautiful Lake Toba with the cold winds that blow.

Berbak National Park

Tourism General
The Berbak National Park comprises an area of 190.000 ha. of peat (110,000 ha) and freshwater swamp (60,000 ha). A smaller part consists of mangrove forest. The park is situated on the east coast of Sumatra in the province Jambi.
Nine months of the year large areas of the park are flooded. Therefor, the best time to visit the park is during the dry season from June till October. Berbak is very hot and humid.
The park's inaccessibility makes it one of the best refugees for several endangered animals. Berbak might be considered as one of the best Tiger and Tapir reserves in Indonesia. Moreover, it's avifauna is very rich.
The park is inhabited by the a group of approximately 150 original inhabitants of the east Sumatra swamps: the nomadic Kubu tribe.
Tourism Access
Boats leave Jambi for Nipah Panjang and from Nipah Panjang to Desa Air Hatam Laut (expensive!), the entrance of the park. Desa Air Hitam Laut can be reached in approximately five hours, although travel time may double during the wet season.A PHPA permit is obligatory and available from the PHPA office in Jambi.
The park is also accessible by the river Sungai Batang Hari.
Tourism Accomodation
Simple accomodation in Nipah Panjang.
Several possibilities in Jambi.
Tourism Flora
Nypa fruticans, Pandanus tectorius, Mammea spp.
Tourism Fauna
Berbak is most famous for it's variety of birds: 250 species belonging to 49 families. A sail along the rivers in the park is the easiest way to watch the birds.
Apart from birds you find several other animals but in lower numbers than in the lowland forests.
Tourism Mammals:
Sumatran Tiger, Malayan Tapir, Sumatran Rhinoceros, Malayan Sunbear, Clouded Leopard, Leopard Cat, Siamang, Agile Gibbon, Common Otter (Lutra lutra), Hairy-nosed Otter (Lutra sumatranus), Yellow-throated Marten (Martes flavigula), Fishing Cat (Prionailurus viverrinus), Banded Palm Civet (Hemigalus derbyanus), Long-tailed Macaque, Pig-tailed Macaque, Pangolin, Greater Slow Loris, Banded Leaf Monkey, Banded Linsang (Prionodon linsang), Large Flying Fox, Cream-colored or Common Giant Squirrel (Ratufa affinis), Silvered Leaf Monkey, Bottle-nose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus).
Tourism Reptiles
False Ghavial, Estuarine Crocodile, River Terrapin, Bornean Terrapin, Black Marsh Turtle, Reticulated Python, Rough-necked Monitor (Varanus rudicollis), Water Monitor.
Tourism Birds
White-winged Wood-Duck, Chinese Egret (Egretta eulophotes), Lesser Adjutant, Milky Stork, Storm's Stork, Asian Dowitcher, Nordmann's Greenshank (Tringa guttifer), Wrinkled Hornbill, Wallace's Hawk-eagle, Helmeted Hornbill, Great Hornbill, Shikra (Accipiter badius), Chinese Goshawk, Crested Goshawk, Besra (Accipiter virgatus), Asian Pied Hornbill, Black Hornbill, Jerdon's Baza (Aviceda jerdoni), Black Baza (Aviceda leuphotes), Barred Eagle-owl (Bubo sumatranus), Rhinoceros Hornbill, Common Buzzard (Buteo buteo), Black-winged Kite, Spotted Kestrel (Falco moluccensis), White-bellied Sea-eagle, Brahminy Kite, Grey-headed Fish-eagle, Black Eagle, Buffy Fish-owl, Blue-crowned Hanging Parrot, Black-thighed Falconet, Brown Boobook, Collared Scopsowl, Reddish Scopsowl (Otus rufescens), Osprey, Oriental Honey-buzzard, Red-breasted Parakeet, Long-tailed Parakeet, Blue-rumped Parrot (Psittinus cyanurus), Crested Serpent-eagle, Blyth's Hawk-eagle (Spizaetus alboniger), Changeable Hawk-eagle, Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus), Silvery Pigeon (Columba argentina), Oriental Hobby, Argus Pheasant.
Tourism Fishes:
Arowana, Finless Porpoise (Neophocaena phocaenoides).

Merga Damanik(sakura II) - Datuk Muda Barus

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Discover the Diversity of Indonesian Islands

indonesian islands

Indonesia has always been popular with travelers as it attracts the curious with the mystique of its ancient and colorful history. It offers the holiday makers a chance to have fun under the sun in the scenic sandy beaches. Over the years, Indonesia has become more popular and this wonderful nation has caught the attention of all segments of travelers. It’s no longer just the sun worshippers alone but it also attracts the eco tourists with its dense rainforests and the misty mountains covered with jungles. Indonesia is home to many endangered species and wild life enthusiasts come to watch, what could be a last glimpse of these rare species. Many tourists also visit Indonesia to visit the several active volcanoes that are found on this archipelago

Bintan and Batam are islands in the Riau province. They were earlier trade ports and today they have been transformed into premium tourist destinations with many world-class hotels. Some of the best resorts in Indonesia are based in Bintan. Guests to Bintan have access to a wide variety of sporting and non sporting activities. The entire area is for vacationers only, this is best opportunity to leave behind the real world and allow oneself to be cosseted and pampered for a few days. Easy access from Singapore via a forty-five minute ferry ride makes the resorts all the more attractive. It has many world-class golf courses in picturesque surroundings.

Explore Exotic Hotels in Indonesia

There are also spas which offer a variety of treatments for those who look for alternative form of relaxation. There are also stand alone resorts in other places like Bali. Almost every location has a luxury hotel offering numerous facilities to satisfy the needs of a range of travelers. The architecture of the resorts and hotels blends with the surroundings and the landscape and they are eco-friendly. The guest has an opportunity to get a snapshot of the diverse culture by being a spectator to various cultural entertainment programs.

There are also specialty resorts which cater to niche customers. Resorts offer scuba diving to guests and also have coaching programs and certification for this sport. Travelers can also indulge in snorkeling or take a trip on a glass-bottomed boat and view the coral reef. Other resorts offer culinary courses by world famous chefs to learn about Indonesian cooking. They are very popular because of the renewed interest in cooking at home and learning about exotic cuisines.

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Delicious Food Servings at Bali Villas

food servings

Bali in Indonesia is one of the most visited tourist spots in the world right now. With its magnificent beauty, people have been enticed to sample what it has to offer, and there are certainly a lot.

The beaches of Bali are one of a kind. People will find many aquatic activities that they can do while vacationing there to fill their time. There is scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, and swimming. People may also think of other water activities for them to do as the place provides not only inspiration but opportunities as well to try other activities for them to enjoy. However, just enjoying the magnificent view of the beach, especially at nighttime is enough to calm and relax the mind and body.

The island also offers people a chance to experience the hospitality and creativity of its people. With shops found all over the area, tourists will get the chance to meet the locals. These shops boast of the locals’ works of art which were sold at reasonable prices. A tour of these shops is guaranteed to be interesting and enjoyable.

The accommodation in the island is also something to look forward to. The villas, which are now gathering popularity among tourists and the locals, are modern yet homey. Located near the beach to give the guests ample opportunity to enjoy the water and its view, the villas were built with contemporary design. All the needed amenities to make the guests at home and provide them with comfort while on vacation are provided inside the villas.

private swimming pool is also made available for guests. This swimming pool gives opportunities to hold parties and other occasions, or to simply have a private swim. The garden filled with tropical and colorful flowers also give the place a relaxing ambience.

One truly has much to experience in Bali, but the best one is also offered by the villas. While staying in one of the villas, guests can enjoy the sumptuous food prepared by the villa cook. From Indonesian to other Asian and international delicacies, guests can request for whatever food they wish to eat and the cook will give it to them.

For starters, guests can try the different Indonesian specialties. A word of caution, though. You may want to consult the villa’s menu first the ingredients included in the dishes for you may be allergic to some of them. Some of the most popularly ordered Indonesian dishes include Green Papaya Seafood Soup and Chicken Soup with Shallots (Cram Cam), Pork in Sweet Soya Sauce (Babi Kecap), Spicy Tuna Salad, Vegetable Salad in Peanut Sauce (Gado Gado) and the reknowned Fried Rice (Nasi Goreng). These dishes can be prepared in a short time so you want have to wait long to sample them.

Other cuisines that are also served in the villa vary from Western to Asian like Chinese and Japanese. Your requests can be arranged as long as you tell the staff ahead of time. Dishes are usually prepared for a minimum of four, but they also prepare for a large group. Meals are served in family style wherein food are in large bowls and plates, placed in the middle of the table and everyone will have to help themselves.

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