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Indonesia has always been popular with travelers as it attracts the curious with the mystique of its ancient and colorful history. It offers the holiday makers a chance to have fun under the sun in the scenic sandy beaches. Over the years, Indonesia has become more popular and this wonderful nation has caught the attention of all segments of travelers. It̢۪s no longer just the sun worshippers alone but it also attracts the eco tourists with its dense rainforests and the misty mountains covered with jungles. Indonesia is home to many endangered species and wild life enthusiasts come to watch, what could be a last glimpse of these rare species. Many tourists also visit Indonesia to visit the several active volcanoes that are found on this archipelago

Bintan and Batam are islands in the Riau province. They were earlier trade ports and today they have been transformed into premium tourist destinations with many world-class hotels. Some of the best resorts in Indonesia are based in Bintan. Guests to Bintan have access to a wide variety of sporting and non sporting activities. The entire area is for vacationers only, this is best opportunity to leave behind the real world and allow oneself to be cosseted and pampered for a few days. Easy access from Singapore via a forty-five minute ferry ride makes the resorts all the more attractive. It has many world-class golf courses in picturesque surroundings.

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There are also spas which offer a variety of treatments for those who look for alternative form of relaxation. There are also stand alone resorts in other places like Bali. Almost every location has a luxury hotel offering numerous facilities to satisfy the needs of a range of travelers. The architecture of the resorts and hotels blends with the surroundings and the landscape and they are eco-friendly. The guest has an opportunity to get a snapshot of the diverse culture by being a spectator to various cultural entertainment programs.

There are also specialty resorts which cater to niche customers. Resorts offer scuba diving to guests and also have coaching programs and certification for this sport. Travelers can also indulge in snorkeling or take a trip on a glass-bottomed boat and view the coral reef. Other resorts offer culinary courses by world famous chefs to learn about Indonesian cooking. They are very popular because of the renewed interest in cooking at home and learning about exotic cuisines.

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