North Tapanuli is a main tourism region in the province of North Sumatra. Geographically, North Tapanuli is located at latitude 1º 2' 24" North and longitude 90° 99' 35" East and borders on the north with Karo Regency, and on the west with Central Tapanuli. Its area is 1,060,530 hectares including Lake Toba which covers 11,260 hectares.

Topographically, North Tapanuli lies on the ridges of Bukit Barisan with its hilly and rolling land. Most of the land is composed of a tuft land layer, mixed with sand, gypsum and volcanic layers which make relatively fertile soil for agriculture.

According to the 1992 census, North Tapanuli's population was 700,976 with a density of 74 inhabitants/km in 29 sub-Regencies. The majority of its population is Batak.

The natural beauty of Samosir island, Tao island, and Sibandang island, includes Lake Toba, the steep surrounding hills and mountains, a large valley, and natural forests which provide various facilities with arrangement of Dalihan Natolu in the life of the inhabitants of this area. Please come to these tourists attractions. You will be welcomed with the warm greeting of North Sumatra, "HORAS."

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