The Regency of Deli Serdang consists of a coastal area (on the Straits of Malaka), lowlands, highlands and mountains.

Geographically, Deli Serdang is located in the eastern part of North Sumatra between latitude 2°, 57' North and longitude 3ยบ 16' East and has an area of 439,793.5 Hectares.

The area can be classified into 3 regions: lowlands at 10 - 50 meters above sea level, foothills at 50 - 499 meters above sea level and highlands at more than 500 meters above sea level. Its boundaries are:
- the Regency of Langkat and Malaka Straits in the North
- the Regency of Karo and Simalungun in the South
- the Regency of Asahan and Malaka Straits in the East and
- the Regency of Karo and Langkat in the West.

The Regency of Deli Serdang surrounds the municipalities of Medan, Tebing Tinggi, and Binjai Municipalities.

The population is about 1.6 million, and there are many big plantation companies in this area which have been developed into agro-tourist attractions.

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