Taman Buaya Asam Kumbang (Crocodile Farm)

Taman Buaya is located in Desa Asam Kumbang, 5 km from downtown Medan. It started as a hobby for Mr. Lo Tham Muk in 1959 with 12 crocodiles and ended up as a business, however, the food cost and the regulations make it difficult for the farm to develop. Most crocs are in a big artificial lake. Young ones are kept in tanks. There are approximately 2,400 crocodiles of two different kinds (Crocodillus polosus and Tomistona sehlegeli). The oldest crocodile is 41 years old and 6 m long.

The Asam Kumbang Crododile Farm is the largest in Indonesia with some 2,400 reptiles where you can witness the oldest crocodile that has lived for 45 years. Open:09.00am - 06.00pm. Entrance Rp. 3,000/adult. Crocodile show:Rp. 20,000.-. Feeding time:04.30pm

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