Rambutan, bakso , nasi goreng from Indonesia

U.S. president-elect Barack Obama had spent part of his childhood in Jakarta Indonesia. During he was living in Indonesia certainly Obama has often eat the food of Indonesia. Long time he has leaves from Indonesia, but he is still remembering some favorite foot from Indonesia.

Obama missing 'rambutan, bakso and nasi goreng'

The Jakarta Post , Jakarta | Wed, 11/26/2008 10:12 AM | National

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono held a telephone conversation with U.S. president-elect Barack Obama during his stopover in Seattle, and invited him to visit Indonesia, tempointeraktif.com reported on Wednesday.

When the presidential flight touched down at Nagoya airport in Japan on Tuesday, Yudhoyono made a statement to reporters over the airplane's intercom.

"He addressed me with, 'Apa Kabar Bapak President?' (How are you Mr. President?), in fluent Indonesian," Yudhoyono said.

Obama said he missed several local delicacies such as nasi goreng (fried rice), rambutan and bakso (meatball soup), he added.

Yudhoyono had congratulated Obama's election as U.S. president and suggested he visit Indonesia after attending the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting in Singapore next year.

Yudhoyono said they had both agreed to maintain good relations between the two countries.

"I felt his warmth and friendship in the conversation."

During one of his campaign speeches, Obama said he would visit Indonesia within the first 100 days of his presidency. Obama is due to take office on Jan 20, 2009.


Source : T he Jakarta Post

From news in The Jakarta Post above , there are 3 kind of Indonesian food is missed by Obama :

  1. Rambutan : The rambutan, Nephelium lappaceum is a fruit considered exotic to people outside of its native range. The rambutan binjai north sumatra is a most of popular of the kind of rambutan from Indonesia. The rambutan is a relatively common fruit the same way an apple is common to many people in cooler climates.
  2. Bakso : Bakso (meatballs) is the Indonesian most popular soup everyone can buy anywhere at anytime. Almost every Indonesian likes or loves bakso.
  3. Nasi Goreng : Nasi Goreng is fried rice with fresh vegetables and accompanied with fresh slices of cool cucumber and tomato.
Do you like to taste this food ? Welcome to Indonesia

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