Place of Interest in Siberut Cheap National Park

Indonesia is a place of many cheap national park in the world. One of the interesting cheap national park in Indonesia is Siberut National Park.

It is located in Siberut island and the distance from West Sumatra is about155 km across the mentawaian strait. The trip to Siberut take 10 hours on the regular ferry departing Padang 4 times a week. Boot charters may be arranged from Padang port.


Community and Culture

Although Siberut is only a small island, the internal variations in language, culture, life styles, and in resources is rather substantial. There is no clear indication of when the first man arrived on Siberut, but anthropologist suggest that the bataks of North Sumatra first settled on the island several thousand years ago. In many ways, the people of Siberut are among the most archaic people in Indonesia.

The Mentawaian are traditionally organized as patrineal groups and the social life centered around the UMA, a communal long house which held a clan of people related through a common ancestor. The UMA vary in size between 30 to 80 members divided in nuclear family units, referred to as LALEP. Because of internal friction, the clan might split up and form a new group or a single family.

The Mentawaians believe that all living objects, men, plants and animals are supposed to have spirits. The only specialist in the community is the medicine man, KEREI, responsible for communication with the spirits and the souls. In case of misfortune or illness, he is called in to restore harmony within the group or in relation with the spirits in the environment. An elaborate Taboo system based on religious beliefs with respect to the environment is a dominant characteristic of traditional life on Siberut.

Visit and stay in a Mentawaian village, trek to the jungle, learn about sago processing and bark cloth processing, and do other activities that will heighten your interest in and fascination with the natural philosophy of the Mentawaians.

Jungle Adventure

Very few visitors have explored the thickly frested island. Inside the National Park pleasant surprises await the adventures visitor. Visiting a cave in central Siberut or waterfalls in the northern and southern parts of the island, are possible upon request with your guide. Be observant of your surroundings. You may have the chance to see and hear some endemic wild life. Siberut has four endemic primates which in local names are called Bilou (Hylobates klossi), Simakobu (Simias concolor), Bokoi (Macaca pagensis), and Joja (Presbytis potenziani). There are at least five species of squirrels and chipmunks and birds abound everywhere on the island.

Padding a canoe trekking on muddy trails balancing on a shippery log, wading through a shallow river, brushing through a dense jungle - are all parts of an unforgettable jungle adventure on Siberut.

Coastal Discovery Adventure

Some good coral reefs can be found along the east, south to southeast part of Siberut and the surrounding small islands. Along the coast, continuous, white sand beaches, magnificent lagoons, enficing mangroves and coral sea gardens all promise an exciting coastal adventure. Dolphins (Stenela longirostris) can be seen along the east coast. Other sea mammals such as digong (Dugong dugong) occasionally can be sighted near the sea grass by the mangrove along with three protected species of sea turtles.

Masilok Beach on the southern part of Siberut can be reached within an hour by a motorized boat. The island's resort, dominated by coconut grows, a logoon with beautiful white sand beach, promising a very relaxing environment. The west coast breaks from Siberut island, connected only by sea garden and mangrove that lie side by side making it a unique experience for diving. Accommodation and fresh clean water are available. If you plan to travel to nearby islands, it can be arranged with local owners. In the south western part of Siberut lies Sagulubek Beach, with calm and clear waters making it ideal for wind surfing. In the northern part, Sikabaluan beach offers an excellent dip in warm water to soothe the soul.

Another activity is oaring with traditional sampan through the mangrove, zig-zagging past the enormous and thick prop roots. Enjoy the scenery and bring back pictures to show off to friends.

Enjoy the Cheap National Park at Siberut.

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