The Natural object Dempo Vulcano

Mount Dempo is one of the most interested place to visit . It is a natural objects in tourism located in Pagaralam. It is the highest peak in southern Sumatra, and could be reached about 6 hours directly by car from Palembang (Palembang is a biggest city at South Sumatra ) . The distance from Palembang is about 300 miles.

The liquor tends to be viewed with a touch of body and meatiness. Dempo volcano is located in Lahat regency, in the province of South Sumatra while small part of Dempo Vulcano is belongs to Muna Regency in the province of Bengkulu. Geographically, it lies at 04 ° 02''SL and 103 ° 08''EL.

The volcano has two peaks called Dempo and Merapi. The highest peak with the names Merapi is 3,173 meters high above sea level, while Dempo is approximately 3,049 m. Demps is a prominent 3173 m high volcano that rises above the Pasumah Sumatra. Remains of 7 craters are located in or near the summit, with volcanism migrating to the WNW with time.

The historically active summit crater of Mount Dempo contains a 400-m-wide lake, located at the NW end of the crater complex. Historical eruptions have been restricted to small-to-moderate explosive activity that produced ash fall near the volcano.

The big city near the volcano is Pagaralam. Flight from Jakarta or Bali to Palembang is the easiest way to reach this city. From the Palembang we can continue by car to Pagaralam Dempo plantations.

Dempo tea plantation is the highest village 1,650 m. From this village, visitors are beginning to climb and generally spend the night in Sawah Highland (3000 m), where large numbers of springs running into.

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