Medan city tours, attractions and sightseeing

Many tourists choose to use Medan as a point-thru fast travel to other places in Sumatra, but the city offers a glimpse of a large Indonesian city still unfrequented by western tourists, and can not be quickly dismissed. However, Medan, more chaotic and have less than Jakarta or mat Denpasar and open sewers abound. In addition, not as many people speak English in Medan, as in other big cities in Indonesia, but even a short list of useful expressions go far, and Sumaterans still unjaded by the westerners.

  • Maimoon Palace
  • Vihara Borobudur (Buddhist Temple)
  • Vihara Gunung Timur (Chinese Temple)
  • Mesjid Raya Mosque
  • Merdeka Walk (5 mins from Kesawan Square)
  • Tondi Gallery (Contemporary Arts Exhibitions by local artists)
  • Annai Velangkani (Catholic Shrine with Hindu-style architecture)
  • Shri Mariaman (Hindu Temple)

There are several clubs, pubs and Karaoke to visit on the night in Medan. There is an entertainment complex, located in the heart of the city in Medan, the capital call that the building is located near the  Post office at Jalan Putri Hijau. Capital building activities

  • Taipan- Silver service chinese restaurant, with excellent interior decor
  • Snook Pool Bar
  • Office
  • Classical - exclusive KTV Karaoke room
  • Retro- PUB

This is the famous clubs in Medan, such as:

  • Millennium Three ( M3 ) Discotheque , located at Thamrin Plaza 8th floor
  • Kristal Discotheque , located in Perisai Plaza
  • Iguana Discotheque , Medan Baru Plaza
  • Jet Plane KTV , Plaza Medan Fair
  • Equator KTV & Pub , Hongkong Plaza
  • F1 Discotheque , located at Jalan Wazir / Jalan Kolonel Sugiono
  • Tropicana KTV
  • Stroom Bistro , located at Jalan Listrik
  • M City , located at Jalan Gatot Subroto

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