The flight to Medan and the tickets

Medan's international airport, known as Polonia International Airport (MES) and is located about 15 minutes from the Medan city. Domestic departure tax increased from Medan on 15 August 2005 from Rp15, 000 to Rp25, 000, while the international departure tax remains constant at Rp100, 000. Domestic a better international terminal from the terminal (the new terminal is scheduled to open in 2009), and there is no money to a currency other than USD. ATM machines are only at the domestic airport. Bags checked by customs upon departure, unless you have a friend at the airport. Domestic flight from Medan not check ID (sporadic, they check passports at check-in) at the security check (tickets only).

Getting there: A Taxi to the city, you set back about Rp40, 000, unless you walk past the taxi stand in front of the terminal and proceed toward the exit. There are more taxi toward the exit, and if you bargain with the good, you can get a taxi for only Rp.20000. If you know the public bus number of your destination, it is Rp.3500 per person, but they do not know the English are encouraged to get a taxi to transport them first.

There are direct international flights to / from Pulau Pinang (only to return about $ 70), Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Johor Bahru in Malaysia; Singapore. Some services discount airlines Singapore, although with only one reliable Internet bookings (in July and August 2005) is AirAsia, sometimes with rates below U.S. $ 50 if purchased in advance. Other options, the company will start flights firefly flying to Singapore every day from Penang

  •   Firefly Airlines  to / from Pulau Pinang (central call :603-7845 4543)
  • AirAsia  to / from Kuala Lumpur
  • Kartika Airlines (Tel: +62-61-4522433) to / from Penang and Ipoh
  • Malaysia Airlines to / from Penang and Kuala Lumpur
  • Garuda - the most popular on domestic flights
  • SilkAir (Singapore Airlines)
  • Valuair - household budget airline flying to Singapore
  • Lion Air  (Garuda Plaza Hotel ago No.18. Tel: +62-61-7351168 or 7351169) to / from Penang

For the purpose of Indonesia, there are direct flights to / from Jakarta, Pekanbaru, Batam and other cities.
  • AirAsia to / from Jakarta
  • Kartika Airlines [7] to / from Jakarta and Batam
  • Merpati
  • Garuda
  • Lion Air to Jakarta and Banda Aceh
  • Linus Airways

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