Tanah Karo is source of Oranye

Karo Regency is the production centre of this commodity.
Varities of oranges cultivated in Karo nowadays are Siam, Washington, Sunkist, Padang, Honey Siam etc.

The favorite type for local consumer is honey Siam so this type dominates citrus cultivation in Karo.
Honey Siam in typical orange with the following characteristics : Sweet like Honey, round or oval form, thick coated up to 2 - 4 mm, inner ripe fruit color is orange, the diameter of the fruit, 5 - 7 cm and weight 90 - 225 gram each, storage ability 8 -10 days after harvest, tree age 15 - 20 years.
These commodities have been exported to neighboring countries and now are sold in local and domestic markets.
These are mainly marketed in Batam island, Jakarta and Bandung.

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