Natural Tourist Attractions

Lingling Gara Cave (Goa Lingling Gara)
This cave is unique in that it has naturally formed tables and chairs. It used to be a place of protection and rest for hunters who were being chased by wild animals. It is 100 km by bus from Berastagi to this place and then a one hour walk from Desa Mardinding.

Sikulikap Waterfall
This waterfall drops about 30 meters and produces natural serene sounds. It is surrounded by tropical forest where gibbons can be heard and seen hanging the trees. There are also a lot of colorful butterflies. It is about 11 km from Berastagi to Sikulikap waterfall. Visitors coming from Medan can stop on the road and walk about 800 meters to reach the waterfall.

Sibayak Volcano
This is an active volcano 2,172 m above sea level. The ascent passes through thick tropical forest and dangerous cliffs. From the mountain peak climbers can look down into the crater which is still actively producing lava. They can also see the beautiful scenery around them. From Berastagi to the place where you start climbing at the village of Jaranguda it is about 1.5 km or 15 km from the village of Raja Berneh,and it takes about 2-3 hours to climb the mountain. The temperature at the peak is about 18° C.

Sinabung Volcano
Sinabung Volcano is 2,417 m above sea level. The ascent passes through tropical forest and difficult cliffs. There is a camp ground at the top. From the top, climbers can also see the crater which still actively produces lava. We can also see the beautiful scenery. It is about 30 km from Berastagi to the place where you start climbing which begins at Lau Kawar village and Mardinding village and takes about 4 hours.

Gundaling Hill
This hill is full of shade trees and flowers. Ever since the Dutch colonial era, it has been a well-known place for recreation for young people, families, and tourists. From the top of the hill we can see the scenic view of Sibayak volcano and the town of Berastagi. It is 2 km from Berastagi to Bukit Gundaling. You can get there by public transportation.

Sipiso-piso Waterfall

The water at Sipiso-piso falls for about 120 meters. In the background there is a beautiful view of Lake Toba, the surrounding hills, the blueish landscape of Samosir Island, and the spread-out rice and agricultural fields. It is about 35 km from Berastagi to Sipiso-piso. Visitors can get there by public transportation.

Lake Kawar
This lake is about 200 Hectares in size. On one side of the lake is a tropical mountain forest and on the other side is a 3 Hectare camping ground. Adventurous tourists can climb cliffs and also hike to the top of Sinabung mountain through thick jungle. It is about 27 km from Berastagi to Lake Kawar. We can get there by using local public transportation, passing through villages and plantations.

Lau Debuk-debuk
The primary tourist attraction here is a hot spring. Its water contains sulphur which is good for curing skin problems. Sometimes there is a ritual ceremony at this place known as Erpangir Ku Lau (ritual bathing) aiming to clean the body from evil curses. It is located about 10 km from Berastagi and you can get there by public transportation.

Semangat Mountain Hot Springs (Air Panas Gunung Semangat )
This is a bathing place with natural hot water which comes from the earth and is professionally managed as a swimming pool. The temperature can be adjusted according to the tourists' wishes. The water contains sulfur which is good for skin problems. The location is about 13 km from Berastagi and can be reached by bus.
This tourist attraction is located in a forested area and covers about 8 Hectares. It is full of tropical forest trees more than 60 years old. It also has many rare species of butterflies. It also has elephants which are used for carrying tourists around the park. It is about 5 km from Berastagi to this place and can be reached by bus.

Liang Dahar Cave (Goa Liang Dahar)
This cave has three large caverns and several other smaller ones. The first large cavern is 500 m2 in size. The second is about 400 m2 and the third is about 300 m2. There is a source of water in this cave which flows through a small tunnel to Desa Bekerah (Bekerah Village). On the walls of the cave there are swift nests and fruit bats. It is about 40 km from Berastagi to Lau Buluh by car and about another 30 minutes from Lau Buluh on foot.

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