Samosir Island

Samosir Island, The giant dry "island of the dead" in the middle of Lake
Toba. It's a grim reminder of a second powerfull eruption, about 30.000
years ago.

Samosir island is an approximately almost as big as Singapore Island,
often described as the heartland of Batak culture, with their traditional
dwellings are elevated house made of hard wood, and are located amidst
beautiful mountain scenery.

The two main ferry landing pints on Samosir are Tomok, a traditional
village with beautiful Batak houses and stone tombs, and Tuk-tuk, where
the island's many hotels and restaurants are concentrated.

Samosir Islan is one of the best place for Swimming, Fishing, Rafting,
Water skiing, Speed boat trips, power boating, shopping traditional craft,

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