Kebun Binatang Medan (Medan Zoo)

Kebun Binatang Medan zoo has taken a lot of interest from the citizen. Around 1.000 visitors visited this zoo each week ends. In working days, the number of visitors is about 150 visitors every time days. One of them was the Sumatran Tiger or Panthera Tigris Sumatrae, only founds in Sumatran Island. The Sumatran tiger occupied in the low land forest, the mountainous and semi-mountainous forest, and in the swamp forest in Sumatran Island.

It is estimated that there is only 400 to 500 tigers sub species Panthera tigris sumatrae that still inhabits in five of Indonesian wild life gardens in the Sumatran island, and was approximately 250 tigers that was maintained inside zoo worldwide. The Sumatran tiger had the darkest color between all the sub-species of the tiger. His black pattern was wide and closely patterned and occasionally doubled. The Sumatran tiger are different with the Siberian tiger with the striped front leg. The Sumatran tiger was the smallest tiger in the sub-species of the tiger. The Sumatran tiger male had 2.4 meters (8 foot) long from head to tail weighted 120 kilogram (264 pounds) with the height 90 centimeters. The Sumatran tiger female also measuring 2.2 meters (7 foot) long weighted 900 (198 pounds).

This zoo was located in Bunga Rampe IV Street, Simalingkar B District, Medan Tungtungan Sub district, about 10 kilometers from the centre of the city. Medan mayor, Abdullah, opened the zoo on April 14 2005 that at this time is the new zoo, the KBM area with the width 30 hectare. On earlier days, Medan Zoo was located in Brigjen Katamso Street, Kampung Baru District, Medan Maimun.

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