Get to the Vulcano with Climb Mt. Sibayak

This is the most common activity that each person has to do, while in Berastagi. The climbing is generally not very difficult and there is no requiment to do this tour, but there are still a few points where people used to walk will certainly suffer less (or nothing at all), then other people who have not been used to walking.

It's usually 3 hours to reach the top without "yes - big" difficulties .... Yes, everyone could easily afford ... During the way you will have beautiful views, but is away from the summit that there will be the best views of the valley ... . You will need something warm to wear, let us say something of a light pullover, as at the summit will be a kind of wind and it would be pretty cold ... (In the summer too). Remember when you once at the summit to make sure the body of the Vulcano ", in fact a number of indonesian is written in some sentences, something like" Wellcome Popey ", or as somehting ... Just check it ... Each agency is capable of organizing such a walk, but it would be enough to hire a guide in the Guesthouse prepeare that all necessary things for the excursion, ie car etc. ... Be prepared to spend about 5 box per person (We were two), if you decide to hire an independent guide.

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