Danau Toba (Lake Toba)

Danau Toba was created by an immense volcano eruption and is known as the deepest lake on earth, at least 1475 feet (450 metres) deep.
In the middle lies the island of Samosir, the result of a second eruption, around 30.000 years ago.
Most of the island’s hotels and restaurants are situated at the peninsula of Tuktuk.
One traditional Toba Batak-village is Ambarita. Here the former open air court with stone chairs can be visited. At an adjoining area the condemned or prisoners of war were executed. These days horrifying stories about those events circulate; it remains to be seen to what extend these are based on reality.
Tomok is the ferry to Prapat’s harbour. Along the road from the ferry bridge to the inlands are many souvenir shops. One object worth seeing is King Sidartbuta’s two century old sarcophagus, flanked by his offspring.

In the small town of Simanindo, at the north side of Samosir, is a former king’s palace which is a museum these days. Daily performances are given of the Tortor folk dance and the Sigalegale puppet dance, with life-size wooden puppets.

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